Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars

It has been happening steadily for the past decade. The number of Hybrid Cars and Electric Car choices has been steadily creeping up to an incredible 44 models on the road today. Toyota has sold over 1 million Prius hybrid cars! We put together this list so that you can get a clear idea of your choices. I bet you weren’t aware it was this big already!

Also read the car press for new releases of Hybrid cars and Electric Cars coming for 2013. Remember our list represents just what is on sale ALREADY!

Acura Hybrid Car
ILX Hybrid     $25,900     38 City/39 Highway




Audi Hybrid Car
Q5 Hybrid     $51,795     34 combined




BMW Hybrid Cars
ActiveHybrid 3     $39,300      N/a / N/a
ActiveHybrid 5     $61,100      23 City/30 Highway
Active Hybrid 7    $97,000      17 City/24 Highway
Active X6 Hybrid  $88,900     17 City/19 Highway


Cadillac Hybrid Car
Escalade Hybrid  $73,850     20 City/23 Highway




Chevrolet Hybrid Cars and Electric Car
Volt – Electric Hybrid     $31,645     35 City/40 Highway
Silverado Hybrid           $38,890     20 City/23 Highway
Tahoe Hybrid                $52,295     20 City/23 Highway




GMC Hybrid Trucks
Sierra Hybrid     $40,310     20 City/23 Highway
Yukon Hybrid     $52,820     20 City/23 Highway





Ford Hybrid Cars and Electric Car
Fusion Hybrid     $28,775     41 City/36 Highway
Escape Hybrid    $30,750     34 City/31 Highway
C-Max Hybrid      $25,995     47 City/47 Highway
C-Max Plug in Hybrid     $32,950     95 City




Honda  Hybrid cars and Fuel Cell Car
Civic Hybrid     $24,200     44 City/ 44 Highway
Honda Insight Hybrid     $18,500     41 City/44 Highway
CR-Z Hybrid     $19,695     31 City/37 Highway
Honda FCX Clarity – Fuel Cell car     $21,600 (Lease only limited production of 200 in California)



Hyundai Hybrid Car
Sonata Hybrid     $25,850     35 city/40 Highway




Infiniti Hybrid Car
M Hybrid     $53,750     27 city/ 32 Highway




Lexus Hybrid Cars
CT 200h Hybrid     $29,120  43 City/40 Highway
RX 450h Hybrid     $45,910     32 City/28 Highway
GS 450h Hybrid     $58,950     29 City/34 Highway
LS 600h L Hybrid   $112,750   19 City/23 Highway



Mercedes Hybrid Cars
ML450 Hybrid     $55,790     20 City/ 24 Highway
S400 Hybrid       $91,850     19 City/25 Highway





Mistubishi Electric Car
i electric plug-in     $29,125     126 City/99 Highway




Nissan Hybrid Car and Electric Car
Altima Hybrid     $26,850     33 City/33 Highway
Leaf Electric Plug-in     $35,200     106 City/92 Highway






Porsche Hybrid Cars
Cayenne Hybrid     $67,700     20 City/24 Highway
Panamera Hybrid     $95,000     22 City/30 Highway






Tesla Electric Cars
Model S Electric Plug-in     $141,000 Sold out
Roadster Electric Plug-in   $141,000 Sold out




Toyota Hybrid Cars
Prius Liftback Hybrid     $24,000     51 City/48 Highway
Prius Liftback Plug in Hybrid     $
Prius c Hybrid     $18,950     53 City/46 Highway
Prius v Hybrid     $26,550     44 City/40 Highway
Camry Hybrid     $25,990     43 City/39 Highway
Highlander Hybrid  $38,715  28 City/28 Highway
Sienna Hybrid



Volkswagen Hybrid Cars
Jetta Hybrid
Touareg Hybrid     $61,995     20 City/24 Highway





Besides these Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars, if it is ultimate fuel efficiency you are interested in, read the list of other fuel efficient vehicle options you have at Hybridcars.com as there are some that produce better mileage now days with conventional gas and diesel engines even than some of the hybrid options.

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