Global Competitions Funding Environmental Breakthroughs

Most people have begun to understand the importance of protecting the environment and making progress on radically reducing our CO2 emissions over the next 30 years. The problem is that we don’t have all the solutions yet and in many cases there are still roadblocks in our way to implementing environmental improvements on a mass scale that do not require us to make substantial changes in our lifestyles, something we are not prepared to do yet.

The result is that a number of organizations have set up huge prizes to stimulate the development of ideas that can help to overcome these problems. Here’s a list of what your ideas could earn for you.

10 million UK pounds | Saltire Prize Challenge – to accelerate the commercial development of wave and tidal energy technology.

10 million dollars | Sunshot Initiative – for the first three teams to install solar on rooftops at a cost of $1 a watt.

Usually $10 million | X Prize – There is no environmental or energy award at this moment, but there are a number in development. Check back to see when they go live

$1.5 million dollars | Zayed Future Energy Prizes – $1.5m awarded to an SME, an NGO, $500k lifetime achievement and $500k for a high school student winner. Honors the most innovative and visionary energy solutions of our time.

$150,000 | Stockholm Water Prize – honors work that contributes broadly to the conservation and protection of water resources and to improved health of the planet’s inhabitants and ecosystems. There is also a junior prize for students worth $5,000

$100,000 | King Hassan II Great World Water Prize – The Prize is awarded to an institution, organization, individual or group of individuals in honor of outstanding achievements in any aspects of water resources such as scientific, economic, technical, environmental, social, institutional, cultural or political.

$266,000 | PSIPW Prize – The Creativity Prize is by nomination only. Universities, university departments, research institutes, companies, and agencies can nominate individuals and teams of researchers for this Prize. In addition there are four Specialized prizes worth US$ 133,000. Researchers, research teams, and organizations nominate themselves. See the site for more prizes.

$300,000 Singapore Dollars | Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize – This award honors outstanding contributions towards solving global water problems by either applying technologies or implementing innovative policies and programs which benefit humanity.

$125,000 | Conoco Phillips Energy Prizedesigned to recognize new ideas and original, actionable solutions that can help improve the way the United States develops and uses energy.

$50,000 | The Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke Prize – Awarded annually to an outstanding individual who is significantly contributing toward any of the following areas: the discovery, development, improvement, and/or understanding of the issues associated with water quality, quantity, technology, or public policy.

Other non monetary awards

Solar World Einstein Award – awarded to people who have rendered their services in promoting the global use of solar energy in a special way. There is a Junior award for a university student as well.

US Water Prize – The prize recognizes individuals and institutions that have taken the initiative, shown innovation, and contributed to greater water sustainability.

Imagine H2O – Award for Consumers – supports entrepreneurs and start ups with promising water solutions for individuals. For other prizes check the site.

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