Go Green

Why do we each need to make the commitment to go green? The present path we are on, the path that was set for us during the industrial revolution and its development of  massive systems for generating electricity, delivering fresh water and processing sewage and storm water are contributing enormously to the greenhouse gasses that are causing the earth’s temperature to rise and consequently our climate to change. Over the next century, in other words during our children’s life times, these changes will have serious consequences.

Given the scientific understanding that the way we are living now is responsible for the climate change it makes sense that we need to go green, to find a new way to live. That way has already been invented and has reached a cost that is close to if not cheaper than the present way of living. It not only makes sense because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is more than likely going to be the cheaper thing to do in the long run as well!

The live green website is full of advice and helpful articles on how you can make progress towards creating a green lifestyle for yourself.

Fundamentally there are three things that you will need to do. Measure your energy and water usage and waste output, reduce what you can by making your home more energy-efficient and then install equipment to produce clean renewable power, collect fresh rainwater and finally offset what you cannot produce yourself.

We suggest that you start by reading the following articles:

The article on Net Zero Homes gives a good overview of what you will ultimately be looking to do which is to turn your home from a machine that is sucking resources from the environment into a machine that is contributing to the environments health and well-being by producing more power than it needs for you to live and returning water fresher than you received it back into the water table.

The Live Green Roadmap describes a clear plan of action to get to a carbon neutral or green lifestyle. The Table of CO2 Impacts gives you a good guide as to which things to cut first before you start to scope out the size of solar system you need to install to cope with your energy generation requirements. Living Green Links is an article chock full of great websites that can help you with information as you go through the process of transforming your home. Find a complete listing of all the electric and hybrid cars available on the market in 2013 and get to grips with the concept of rainwater harvesting. Find out what the average Americans greenhouse gas footprint looks like as the fastest way to get a good understanding of how and where you have an effect on the environment. Find out the facts about just how much our homes are contributing to green house gasses and how many resources they are using.

Start the process – go green today.

Useful Links: There is a good checklist of quick things you can do to reduce here.