Table of CO2 Impacts

The table of CO2 impacts is divided into sections for Home, Transportation, Lifestyle and Work. All CO2 numbers are annual numbers. If you can’t stop doing something, you can offset the effect by buying carbon offsets. It’s cheaper than you think and the best way to start improving your impact in the short term. Bookmark this page, check back regularly as this list is constantly updated.

CO2 saving Activity
150 pounds | Stopping about 80% of your junk mail
100 pounds | Drinking bottled water (219 bottles) a year average per capita
500 pounds | Replace your old washing machine with an Energy Star rated device
600 pounds | Lower the temperature of your water heater by 10 degrees
150 pounds | Replacing each 60W incandescent bulb with a 13W CFL equivalent
176 pounds | Replacing each 75W incandescent bulb with a 20W CFL equivalent
246 pounds | Replacing each 100W incandescent bulb with a 23W CFL equivalent
540 pounds | Saving for replacing each incandescent 60W bulb with LED lights
9,980 pounds | Used to run a small apartment under 1,000sq ft
14,960 pounds | Used to run a small sized home of 1,000 to 1,499sq ft
24,940 pounds | Used to run a medium sized home of 1,500 to 2,499sq ft
40,000 pounds | Used to run a large home of up to 4,000sq ft

400 pounds | Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure
7,260 pounds | Savings for a car delivering 19-28mpg versus one producing 10-18mpg
0.97 pounds | per passenger mile for a medium aged car of 19-28mpg. 0.73 pounds new
10,880 pounds | Savings for a car delivering 29-40mpg versus one producing 10-18mpg
12,700 pounds | Savings for a car delivering 41+mpg versus one producing 10-18mpg
2,260 pounds | Flight miles up to 6,000 miles
7,580 pounds | Flight miles up to 20,000 miles
15,140 pounds | Flight miles up to 40,000 miles
37,880 pounds | Flight miles up to 120,000 miles

See the list of hybrid cars and electric cars already available on the US market.


Around 20% of our environmental effect is caused by our purchases every year.
100 pounds | stop using bottled water (average 219 per person per year in the USA)
3.25 pounds | for every 10 glass bottles recycled
4.5 pounds | 4-5 pounds of CO2 are produced for every pound of purchases
428 pounds | Meat production causes 3,300 pounds of CO2 a year. Eat a vegetarian meal once a week and save. Its good for you!
12 pounds | Buy locally. For every 5 pounds you don’t ship across the country you save 12 pounds


Work is easy or difficult to quantify depending on whether or not your company has calculated its carbon footprint as part of its corporate social responsibility work yet. If you need to do the calculation your self there are going to be two big factors for you to calculate your personal part of that footprint. How far do you travel to work? How much space do you occupy? As a very rough guide use the numbers above for your transportation and 10 pounds of CO2 per sq foot of office space that you occupy. Don’t forget to divide the common space by the number of employees and add your portion of that to your personal space number.

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Post comments if there are items you would like to know about that are not listed above or if you have other impacts that we could add to the list.


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